About NonaCare®

NonaCare® was founded on, 2008 for the sole purpose of selling Home Health Care Services on the go everywhere, anywhere. You no longer have to wait for cash to be available or wait for weekly or bi-weekly paychecks for you to be able to pay for your Home Health Care Services (nCareHHCS®) or that of your loved one.

Looking for ways to buy and pay for home health care services? Well, it just got easier with NonaCare®. NonaCare® is proud to announce the nCare® Home Health Care Shopping Store, where you can buy and pay for your home health care services at the comfort of your own home, anywhere, anytime, even on the go!

Health care is expensive and few individuals and families can afford to pay the full costs. Now, there are new ways to buy and pay for home health care services. Through NonaCare® nCare® Shopping Store, you're allowed to buy and pay for home health care services that fit your needs and pocket/ wallet without incurring huge medical bills.

NonaCare® main purpose of operations, the core of NonaCare® are:

  • Making purchasing Home Health Care Services the core of NonaCare®
  • Buy home health care services on the go
  • Give our clients options to buy and pay home health care service needs
  • Allow individuals or families the ability to pay as they go
  • Shopping our nCare® store, you're assured to have the best quality care from our team of dedicated nCareGivers®
  • When you shop with us, you will be shopping with the best in caregiving service. You're assured deals, discounts, and royalty points every time you shop for yourself or your loved ones.

NonaCare, LLC

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